18:42 video

At my age I shouldn't be so damn broke and in the red all the time.  I hate having to search for day jobs to make ends meet.  I thought I found an easy gig in the help wanted.  A couple was looking for a maid to clean their house.  I contacted them immediately and their only requirement was that I wear a skimpy sexy maid outfit while I cleaned.  How humilating!!!!  Unfortunately my rent was due and I had no choice but to comply.  This clip begins with me in my sexy little maid attire cleaning the entertainment room.  The couple comes in and starts critizing me and my cleaning skills.  I try to minimize their bitching and continue dusting away like I barely hear them.  The man is large and masked - what a freaktoid!!!!  I mean, what should I have expected when the first thing I see displayed in their home is a picture of a dominatrix entirely clad in black leather holding a whip!!!  This couple is perverted for sure.  I just want my day's pay and to be done with them.  The creepy man decides to show me show to dust and then XXXX grabs me by the arms.  I struggle as he bends me over his pool table.  I'm screaming at him to stop and he is calling his wife to help him.  He grabs some gawdy purple rope and starts too die me up.  WTF????   No fucking way mister.  The next thing I know she is holding me down so I can't struggle and get away.  The nut job picks up a paddle and now I am truly scared.  He demands that I count as he smacks my poor defenseless ass with it.   That hurts!!!!  They are taunting me like I am an unruly XXXX - how dare they!  I am a mature grown woman not one of their submissive partners.  My heart is beating faster as they life me off the pool table and decide to attach nipple clamps to my bare breasts.  With feathers no less.  They tell me I must dust around with the feathered nipple clamps - fucking perverts!!!  What did I get myself into this time?  Geez, give me my money and let me leave ... please!  Finally they've had enough of me entertaining them and they leave me bound and gagged on the pool table.  I roll around and around manipulating the binds so that finally I get my legs free.  I hop and run to escape this insanity.

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