19:01 video

this was a 20 minute customs which I had lots of fun with.  After the short intro, the clip starts with me tied at the ankles, above the knees, over and under my tits and arms behind my back.  I am wearing shiny sexy black capri leggings, a slinky silky red sleeveless turtleneck top and red soled black six inch pumps - super high heels.  I am tied sitting on a bar stool wiggling my feet and moaning through the white cleave gag.  I manage to wiggle a shoe leaving it dangling off my foot.  Then kick it off and do the same to the remaining shoe.  I am now in my stocking feet and I just know I can make it off this high bar stool.  I stumble off and hop around looking for a way to escape.  I hop around and around the bar, across the living room floor and finally end up at the front door!!!   I can't seem to get myself to the ground so I hop back to the bar and use a chair for leverage to lower myself without falling.  Since I am so tightly bound this is very very difficult.   aaaahhh at last I am on my ass and I wiggle and squirm over to the front door.  I walk my feet up to the door knob and begin to try to open the door with my feet!!!!  This is no easy task and I start to get oh so frustrated.  I grunt and groan and struggle over and over and my feet just slip all around the door knob without twisting it.  I get soooooooooooooo discouraged and I wiggle and twist my body around like crazy until I feel the ropes on my wrists begin to loosen.  Oh yayyyyyyyy!!!  I know I got this!!!   Escape is minutes away - I just know it.  Finally my hand are free, but my arms remain securely bound to my body and despite my persistent movements, these ropes are there to stay.  No wiggle room there at all.  I reach down to my bound ankles and swiftly get them untied.   The door is so very close, but wait!!!!  I can't leave without my shoes.  I fumble across the room to pick up my shoes and hop/run to the door to escape -  freedom at last!!!!  oh yeah and then I blow a kiss per the client's request :)))  

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