8:43 video

It never ends.   These bitches find my son Carmine and leach on to him like dogs on a bone.  They all think he is made of money and try to lure him into their clutches with sex.   Little do they know his Italian momma is a raving lunatic.   This clip starts with Lisa coming to visit GiGi Carmine's momma to get to know me - BIG MISTAKE!!!!   I despise the sight of long leggy lean Lisa immediately and I give her a cup of my special Italian espresso coffeI urge the slutty bitch Lisa to drink up - all the while smiling at her.  Lisa complies and begins to tell me all about her and Carmine's upcoming vacation.  This puts me over the edge and I am so infuriated that I can't see straight.  I scream at Lisa.  By this time the special coffee has taken effect and Lisa becomes drowsy and complacent with her head laying on the counter.  I am literally crazed as I grab some rope and begins to tightly bind Lisa's elbows together cursing her out and threatening her.  I bitch slap Lisa's pretty face and grab her by her long curly dark hair.   This one will regret the day she first laid eyes on my Carmine..  I push Lisa around the counter and roughly shove her head into the sink full of ice cold water.   Nice way to wake up darlin I scream.   I demand that this fucking whore leave my son or drown dunking her over and over and over.   Lisa fights but to no avail - she is no match for an irate insane Italian momma.   Finally the inability to breath and my firm hand dunking her gets the best of this slut and the skinny whore agrees to leave Carmine for good.   I XXXX shove a sponge into her mouth and wrap her head with vet wrap and shove her stumbling ass out of my kitchen and out the door once and for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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