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Yes, I admit I have an unconventional method to teach adult women how to swim.  And yes, I admit I have a sadistic streak that overcomes me when I get new young dumb clients who desperately want to learn how to swim.  Today I have long leggy sexy hot Briella Jaden as a first time client.  Briella tried many adult swim lessons in the past, but has never been successful.  She shows up at my pool wearing a teeny tiny skimpy bikini bathing suit.  Quite the picture of sexy.  Her luscious legs are amazing.  After a brief introduction, I explain to her that my methods, while unconventional, are guaranteed to have her simming away like she was born in water.  A few lessons with me and voila!!!!  Poor dumb blonde bimbo Briella looks confused and a bit apprehensive as I begin to handcuff her wrists behind her back.  I tell her that by restricting her body movements the water will become part of her and she will learn much faster.  Next I shackle her tiny ankles and apply a ball gag.  The dumb bitch is taking the bait - hook line and sinker!!!   My heart is beating faster with anticipation of what I plan to do to the poor thing as I walk her into the water.  We enter the pool and I walk her up to about waist level all the time explaining how she will soon be a real swimmer.  Fucking bimbo is nodding her head in agreement!!!!   My pleasure escalates as I dunk her pretty little blonde head under the water and hold it there.  She starts gasping for air and I let her up for a quick breath while I explain how this treatment is beneficial.  I see she is getting scared and this just makes me anxious to dunk her over and over and over again!!!!  I expose her tits and grope a bit.  Did she learn to swim this way???  I seriously doubt it - they never do.  hahahahaha!!! Silly young foolish girls.

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