16:16 video

GiGi has not been able to have an orgasm since her husband passed away.  It's been way too long and her sexual frustration in escalating to the point where she cannot sit still.   Gi desperately needs to cum and nothing is working.  GiGi decides to enlist the help of a sex therapist.  She pays a visit to the world famous Whitney Morgan.   The clip begins with GiGi crying on Dr. Whitney's shoulder about no orgasms and begging the therapist for relief.  She tells the therapist that all her newly inherited money is causing her stress and the stress is blocking her from enjoying the release of orgasms.  The sexual tension is driving GiGi crazy and she pleads with the sex therapist to help her.  Whitney sees a fantastic opportunity to capitalize on this poor MILF and make some fast money.  She tells Gi that for an additional large cash deposit she will guarantee her orgasms.  GiGi needs to hear no more and hastily coughs up more money.  Whitney begins to tie Gi up - teasing and caressing her the entire time to make sure to keep the horny MILF on the hook for even more money.   The horny squirming and begging is getting on the therapist's nerves and she shoves a large black ball gag into the MILF's mouth to muffle her sounds.  By the time the therapist is done with the tight frog tie, Gi is handing over her wallet.  Whitney pulls out the Hitachi Magic Wand and gives Gi a small taste of pleasure.  Gi is writhing in her tight shiny disco jeans and moaning begging and pleading to cum.  Whitney wedges the vibrator between GiGi's legs and leaves her having orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

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