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Here we go again!!!!!  Another blonde bimbo slut after my precious son Carmine.   What's an Italian Momma to do??    I hire one of my thugs to capture Carmine's new love interest Briella Jaden.  They hogtie her with her elbows crushed painfully together and hang her upside down on a trapeze bar in my garage.  She's good and helpless just the way I want her.  I plan to torture her into leaving Carmine alone for good this time.  Enough on her slutty come ons and using my poor son.  NO MORE!!!!   Once I get done with her, this slutty bitch will never come around again.  I begin by slapping her around and insulting her.  I add a nice tight crotch rope to her predicament exposing her long lean luscious thighs.   Poor Briella is moaning and groaning and in the painful situation I have her in.   It's not enough punishment and I expose her breasts and roughly grap them warning her to leave Carmine alone.  I tell her how I hear her begging to suck his cock and that I have a big juicy cock for her to suck how.  I grab the enormous dildo and XXXX it in and out of her mouth.   It's obvious Briella can't do much to stop this Momma from getting her revenge!!!!   After XXXX her to give the large dildo a blow job I beat her with it on her slutty pussy and tits.  Then I scream at her to take the balls into her mouth and keep them there.  I wrap her head with vet wrap XXXX the balls deeply into her big mouth.  I tell her I am taking pictures to show Carmine and sending my crew in to have their way with her.  I leave her hanging waiting for my crew with the dildo on her face sobbing into the gag.    

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