16:01 video

I just moved into a new house.  The neighborhood was beautiful and quiet ... all except for the house next door.  A creepy looking man lived there and he constantly had young slutty looking females coming and going.  I kept hearing noises from his garage and it was disturbing my peacefulness.  I decided to find out once and for all what the fuck was going on over there.  I knock on his door and he answers.  I am friendly and sweet but he is abrupt and rude.  He tells me it is none of my business what he does and he denies the noises coming from his garage.  The fucker practically shoves me out and closes the door in my face!!!!   I wait a few minutes and tip toe back inside his home.  The inside looks normal enough until I reach the kitchen and wtf is THAT thing on his counter ... a ballgag???   WHAT???  This creep is up to no good and I am bound and determined to find out what he has going on inside his garage.  I open the garage door to find a ton of rope, cages, slutwear and chains.  Oh no!!!!   The perverted bastard.   All of a sudden I feel a slender arm across my chest and a rag shoved over my mouth and nose..  I feel drowsy and dizzy - the room spinning.   The next thing I know this tall leggy blonde slut is sitting on top of me shoving a dirty filthy shop rag into my mouth and stuffing it.  I struggle and scream, but she only laughs.  I hear him call her name - Briella - and he tells her to hurry up.  She begins to wrap layer upon layer of red vet wrap all around my head.  I am reduced to mmmphhs and groans.  I begin to get extremely frightened of this young bitch and my perverted neighbor.  They taunt me and tell me I will soon see what they do in here.   Oh fuck!!!!  Why did I snoop.  I try to tell them I won't tell anyone else what is being done in his garage if they just please let me go.  Now !!!!  Please, please - just don't hurt me and I will go away and never come around again.  They laugh and the dirty man begins to tape my arms.  He crushes my poor elbows together with black electrical tape and I am unable to move them at all.  The slutty bitch removes my shoes and begins to tickle my feet.   I can't do this I cry!!!!  Please stop.  Oh No!!!  More tape is wrapped around my ankles and legs and he lifts my upper body and attaches it to a dangerous looking old chain.  I am rendered completely helpless.   She is laughing and calling me names as she grabs this huge Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator and begins to tease me.  She alternates between tickling my feet and shoving the vibrator between my legs and up into my crotch.  My body begins to betray me as it convulses into orgasm after orgasm.  They leave me hanging all taped up and confused in the dirty garage to contemplate my fate.

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