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I've always been a wheeler dealer schemer.  It's just my nature and this time I drag my daughter Briella into one of my gold digging plans.  I post an ad on sugar daddy featuring her as the "bait".  I receive many responses but I am waiting on the ultimate millionaires to double date us.  Of course my plan is to lure them in with my beautiful slender leggy blonde daughter and we will take them for all they've got.  As I tell Briella that our millionaire double dates are on the way to meet us and take us out, we are already high fiving my ingenious plan and envisioning our huge yacht on the water in the near future..  The doorbell rings and I beckon Briella to answer it.  In walk two dirty and disheveled men ... these two don't look like millionaires!!!!   I am thinking that perhaps they've just gotten off their yachts and haven't had time to freshen up.  I relax a bit as I get off the couch in my short little club dress to make introductions.  Suddenly the bald one roughly grabs me putting his filthy hand over my mouth to silence my screams.  I see Briella is terrified as the other strong muscular brawny man begins to manhandle her taking her down to the floor.   I try to barter and threaten them but my efforts are futile.  These two have done this before and are here to rob us!!!!  They each shove huge dirty red rags into each of our mouths and wrap our heads with vet wrap.  I am beginning to realize we are fucked!!!   My poor defenseless daughter is no match for her captor and I am beginning to feel the pain of ropes tightly binding my elbows.   This is excruciating!!!  They tell us to keep quiet while more and more ropes are added.  Briella is in a painful back arching hogtie and I am struggling with the bald man as he furiously ties a tight brutal crotch rope between my pussy lips and up my ass.  The rope digs into my sensitive skin and it is a struggle to even roll over.   These two sadistic bastards aren't done with us yet!!!!   They pick us up and shove my daughter's head between my legs and my face deep into her pussy and they tie us like that in a XXXX 69 position.   We can no longer move at all and they tell us the robbery will now begin as we moan and sob into our gags.

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