11:26 video

There is nothing I hate worse than a liar and a cheater.  I've been so generous and good to my lover and she's been out whoring around with her big tits.  I see all her flirting and messing around on her secret Facebook profile and I devise a plan to get my revenge.  The clip starts with the two of us laying on lounge chairs in our bikinis getting some sun.  I tell her we have this vacation home for an entire week to celebrate our anniversary.  I lather suuntan lotion all over her voluptuous body and carress her pretty face.  She smiles and coos and tells me how much she loves me.  Fucking liar!!!!!  I bet she told that to the hot chick on her profile.  I am seething inside, but I put a big chesire grin on my face and tell her I want to play some kinky sex games with her.  Of course the horny MILF is ready to roll with that.  I dangle a pair of shiny handcuffs in front of her and tell her to put her hands behind her back.  Snap click snap - her arms are restrained in the cuffs.  Next I take one of her ankles and clasp the leg iron around it.  The long chain glistens in the sun and the metal absorbs some of the sun's heat.  I put the other cuff around her ankle and she is giggling.  SUCKER!!!  She has no clue that I know her secret.  I put a gag into her mouth and tell her how hot she looks.  Next I grab a long piece of rope and tie a tight crotch rope up into her pussy and ass.  She looks so sexy and I totally want to fuck her, but I hold back.  This is revenge not play time.  I expose her big tits and rub them before putting clover clamps on her nipples.   The sun is hot and beating down on her helpless body.  Finally I ask her if she is faithful and naturally she says yes.  That puts me over the edge and I flip.  I confront her cheating and tell her she is going to be left out in the hot summer sun to bake and fry!!!!!

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