24:54 video

Pretty blonde Reagan Lush works for a slave trade operation.  She is snooping around inside an abandoned warehouse looking for evidence of slave trading.  Reagan works for a rival outfit and she was sent to get information.  While snooping, she fails to see a masked man Jim Hunter come up behind her.  She sees his weapon and freezes with her hands up in the air.  He demands to know what she is doing there and Reagan tells him her car broke down and she was just looking for help. He knows she was spying on his operation and forces her to strip off her clothing so he can see if she's wearing a wire or concealing a weapon.  She complies and removes her blouse and skirt and is wearing her bra, thong, garter belt, stockings and heels.  He handcuffs her behind her back and walks her forward.  Reagan seizes the opportunity to stomp her heel on his foot and she takes off running.  She sneaks around crouching behind boxes looking for the way out.  She reaches the door and attempts to unlock it when suddenly he grabs her and drags her to the torture room where I am waiting to interrogate her and break her.  She wakes up in a barrel in the middle of the room wet with sweat after spending the night confined in the barrel. My accomplice lifts her out of the barrel and she has the balls to tell me to go to hell.  I laugh as a ballgag is forced into her mouth and she's pushed down into a chair.  After tying her leather restraints to the chair I pull out a vibrator and press it up against her bare pussy.  Reagan bucks and groans into her gag. I push the vibrator into a hole in the chair where it lays against her cunt with no way to escape the powerful vibrations.  After the unrelenting pleasure makes Reagan explode in orgasm after orgasm she finally breaks.  I ask her if she is ready to talk and Reagan violently nods in agreement.  After the removing her gag the beauty cries out "I'll tell you anything you want to know.  Just stop, please.  You'll let me go, right?"  She then informs me "I'm not with the Feds.  I'm working for a rival slave ring and they sent me to get intel on you."  I release her from her bondage and Reagan is forced to change into her micro bikini.  The leather restraints are put back on and I laugh telling the dumb bitch "Since you are just a criminal from a rival gang, no one is going to miss you.  We can sell you off for a nice profit."  I have her paraded in front of a camera for prospective buyers.  Showing off her body.  The on line bids start to roll in and after a quick transfer of funds from the highest bidder I prep her for transport to the winner of the auction.  Reagan in now tied up with lots of rope.  Elbows cinched together, wrists, thighs, above and below the knees and ankles are bound good and tight.  Jim carries Reagan over the shoulder to the trunk of car.  The poor helpless captive sobs into her gag as he plops her bound body into the trunk of the car.  Reagan struggles and sobs helplessly knowing there is no escape  from this nightmare - her horrible new life as a sex slave is about to begin ... 

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