Naive CPA intern Whitney Morgan is very distraught. She's been delving into the ledgers and has found many discrepancies.  Whitney feels comfortable confiding in me since I am her mentor and she brings the issues to me. Whitney suspects embezzlement and she shows me the documents proving her suspicions. Of course I do my best to calm Whitney down and inform her she is totally reading the numbers incorrectly. I've been a CPA for decades and you my dear are just an intern. When Whitney insists there is fraud, I quickly pull out my piece and demand that the curvy little snoop strip off all her clothing. Whitney's hands are shaking as she unbuttons her blouse and peels it off. Well missy, you just couldn't do your job without snooping, could you. Your job was to enter the data, not to analyze it!  Whitney takes off all her clothing and she stands in front of me stark naked. I grab the flash drive from Freshie's clenched hand as she pleads with me not to do this. The next thing she knows, I am finishing tying her naked body with lots of rope. Poor Whitney's arms are cranked up into a cruel painful chicken wing and her legs are bound tightly together.  She cries and says the bondage is too tight and very painful. I tire of her big mouth and stuff a huge wad of cloth into it forcing it halfway down her throat. I grab a roll of thick electrical tape and wrap around and around her head until she's silenced. I grab some twine and tie her two big toes tightly together then finish the nosey little snoop off in a brutal toe bound chicken wing hogtie.  Now satisfied I tell the captive that I gave her many opportunities to back off, but little miss perfect intern had to be a snoop and now she must disappear. But first I decide to play with my toy a bit telling her how no one will ever find you in time my dear Whitney! Hearing this Whitney gets wide eyed and starts to panic testing her bonds. She tries to scream for help. I laugh and the poor intern struggles like crazy as I grope and fondle her bare tits. I gather up all her belongings and off I go locking the door behind me leaving my helpless prey struggling in her bondage and sobbing into her gag. She tries yelling for help hoping someone will hear her. She thrashes around helplessly struggling to get loose her terror building as the minutes pass ... 

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