20:15 video

Thick bodied thug Ashlynn the local hood rat has been moonlighting as a amateur thief scoping out the neighborhood for several days and decides today is the best time to burglarize a certain home of a wealthy woman. She tiptoed into the yard peeking into the windows to make sure no one is home before she breaks in. EEverything seems good and she proceeds in with caution and finds her way into a house and is in the processing of robbing it when unexpectedly I appear. I am armed and I make the curvy thug Ashlynn get down on the floor and slap a pair of handcuffs to her. When Ashlynn keeps talking her way out of the situation she doesn't notice me pouring some chemical on a rag.  I walk over to the bimbo pressing a wet cloth over her face as Ashlyn sinks into obviviation.  Ashlynn wakes up laying on the floor slowly coming to as I finish tying her ankles tightly together.  She's been stripped down to her skimpy panties and I laugh as I grope and fondle her bound body.  Ashlynn realizes she's in trouble and demands her clothes back and continues to try to talk her way out of this bad situation. Ashlynn is terrified and sobbing as I grab some rags and force them into Ashlynn’s mouth wrapping her pretty face with many layers of bandage.  Ashlynn wide eyed with terror  tries to scream but the gag prevents her.  She struggles furiously to reach the door but I rough her up grabbing and squeezing her tits and twisting her nipples while spanking her ass. I leave the dumb girl on the floor struggling and trying to scream for help at the top of her lungs with no avail. 

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