11:33 video

Leggy Terra Mizu is walking to her car wearing her shiny red belted raincoat. She gets in and discovers her car won’t start. Terra pops the hood and gets out to check under the hood.  Meanwhile I sneak into the backseat swiping her phone charger from her console. Terra closes the hood and gets back into the car. I swing the charger cord over her head and pull it tightly against her throat pinning her to the headrest. She kicks and gasps struggling for air but soon she is out.  The busty girl wakes up in a strange house. Her raincoat was removed and she is bound tightly on the floor.  She's hogtied and cleave gagged.  Terra struggles against the binds and manages to maneuver the knots and they slowly unravel. Free from all restraints she finds her raincoat and puts it back on.  Frightened Terra rushes to the door and tries to leave but the door is locked with a key.  She looks around and searches the area for the key but isn't able to find one.   She finds a cellphone and sits down with it on the couch with her back against the armrest unaware that's she's now totally vulnerable to her captor.  I sneak up as she tries to make a call. Shock registers on poor Terra's pretty face as the phone charges is pulled tight against her throat.  She struggles furiously arching her back, kicking and grasping at the cord wrapped around her neck but soon her motions are slow and she goes limp ... 

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