17:55 video

CIA agent Amanda Foxx has me bound, gagged & blindfolded preparing to inteerogate me about her suspicion that I'm a KGB double agent stealing files.  I've been stripped to my underwear and bound to a chair.  My feet are propped up with my pantyhose soles exposed.  Amanda tells me that she will resort to enhanced interrogation techniques if I do not reveal the source of the files.  I deny everything and Amanda begins to tickle my feet.  She laughs at my embarrassment being broken by tickle t0rture.  After several minutes of tickling that gradually increases in intensity Amanda tells the crew to shut off the cameras.  Amanda pulls out a riding crop and starts to whip my feet.  She taps lightly as my anticipation escalates  Soon she switches to a cane and raises it high above her head.  I scream as the bamboo strikes my soles ... The action resumes with the pretty blonde MILF blindfolded, cleave gagged and tightly hogtied.  I circle her bound body laughing at her helplessness.  I briefly tickle her feet and inform her I'm not her to play games.  I've waiting far too long for my revenge.  I warm up her soles by beating them hard with a riding crop making Amanda scream into her gag.  I rip open the hose covering her feet and pick up my bamboo cane. I demand that Amanda stay silent and I rain on her tender soles.  Amanda can't help but to cry out in pain as she struggles to get away from the cane.  I show her no mercy at all beating her soles with all my strength.  When I tire of this I pick up my tens unit and place the pads on her sore soles and start to apply electric shocks.  I turn up the intensity to the maximum laughing as her feet twitch when the current runs through them.  Amanda continues to beg and plead through her gagged mouth.  I lean over and place the tens unit control box right next to her face and walk away leaving my bound captive in agony as the current soars at high speed ....

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