15:50 video

My intel led me to a remote location in the hills of Spain to investigate a slave ring.  I enter the property walking around trying all gain entry through one of the many gates.  I find an unlocked door as I open it I hear the screams of a female in distress.  My intel was right - this must be the slave ring.  I follow the scream and it takes what seems like forever to finally get to a stone room where I find a bound naked female sobbing into her gag.  A rope is buried deeply into her pussy and her legs and arms are welded together.  I rush over to rescue her and as I'm bending to untie her ankles I am ambushed from behind by a burly masked man.  He forces me down to the floor and quickly ropes up my arms behind my back crushing my elbows together painfully.  I try to fight him off but I am no match for his strength and he easily gains control of me.  He binds my crossed ankles together and I beg for mercy but he is ruthless and determined that I will now be one of the slaves.  He adds more rope then puts my bound body next to the naked slave.  He finishes me off in a tight ball tie and to make things even worse he creates a terrible painful predicament for the two of us.  He lifts my arms and ties them off to the rope buried in her pussy knowing that every movement is causing her unbearable pain.  He gags me then leaves us know that my arms will soon tire and cause even more agony for the slave ...  

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