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Pretty 20 year old secretary Luci Lovett sits on the floor of her living room tightly bound and gagged. Her elbows are crushed tightly together behind her back bound in ropes. Her ankles are crossed tightly tied and pulled up close to her crotch. A rope is tied around her waist then run down under her ass, pinning her bound hands to her ass then up her crotch. The crotch rope slices deep into her panties and is tied to her crossed and bound ankles keeping it pulled up to her crotch. A torn sheet has been pulled between her lips and wrapped tightly around her head to keep her quiet. I am the head secretary and I did this to her - leaving her bound and gagged on the floor totally helpless. Luci struggles desperately but I have tied the ropes so tight with the cruel crotch rope that the more poor Luci struggles the tighter she pulls the crotch rope into her pussy. She can feel her elbows kissing behind her back with the tight ropes biting deep into the soft flesh around her upper arms. The soft satin sleeves of her blouse offer her arms little protection from the biting ropes. She screams into her gag in frustration - how could she be so stupid as to let her rival overpower her and tie her up? Her muffled screams attract my attention and I emerge from the bedroom. I smile down at poor helpless Luci with an evil grin. I inform the poor girl that although I am old I still know how to deal with conniving little office sluts like Luci trying to take her position as head executive assistant and top bitch. I pull Luci's gag out of her mouth and Luci demands that I untie her immediately but I just laugh and tell her that I will untie her only after I totally humiliate her and destroy her reputation. I pull open Luci's satin blouse and exposes the younger girl's tits. I grope and twist Luci's nipples causing her to cry out in pain. ThenI pull out a wand vibrator and press it to poor Luci's crotch roped pussy. Luci can feel the sensations of the vibrator stimulate her pussy and despite herself she can feel her pussy getting wet. I laugh as the poor girl begins to moan in pleasure despite the cruelly tight ropes. I push Luci over onto her side to get better access to her pussy. Luci bites her lip and gasps as the vibrator stimulates her clit once again. I press the vibrator against the crotch rope as Luci closes her eyes and moans. I tell her that I always knew that she was a little horny whore and pull the vibrator away. Luci gasps as and shakes her head as humilated by being turned no so easily. She looks back at me as I sit on the sofa and pull my panties down my legs. I ball up the panties and press them over Luci's nose and mouth telling her that I've been wearing them all day and that they are good and wet with old lady pussy. I yank Luci back up onto her ass then force my panties deep inside Luci's mouth before pulling the cleave gag back between her lips and wrapping it tightly around her head to prevent Luci from spitting out the panties. I hold the vibrator back against Luci's pussy watching Luci gasp as her pussy is stimulated again. I see that the poor girl managed to push the panties half out past the cleave so I grab some duct tape and seal the girl's mouth shut with the panties packed tightly into her mouth. I inform my captive that I plan on broadcasting Luci's humiliation by live streaming it to the office so everyone can watch. I tie the vibrator to the crotch rope so it is press tightly against Luci's clit and turns on the live streaming leaving poor Luci helplessly bound, gagged and moaning in pleasure. Luci tries to fight the sexual pleasures from the vibrator but it is hopeless, the vibrator stimulates her poor pussy until she is moaning and crying exploding in orgasm. She pulls desperately at the ropes but escape is impossible she knows if she can't escape the ropes the vibrator will eventually drive her crazy.

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