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Hello there!!!!  I'm GiGi,  a 50-something bondage loving Italian momma.   I've been getting tied up for decades now and there's not much bondage and restraint I haven't tried.  It just keeps getting better and better.   I love love love tight restrictive bondage and huge mouth stuffing gags.    mmmmppphhh is my middle name :))   Crushing elbow ties, frog ties, back arching hogties, immobilizing ball ties, strict strappado or just easy fun girlie bondage ... the possibilities are endless.  I adore tight sexy shiny clothing and lots of satin and silk.    You'll find all my beautiful hot girlfriends and me tied up in body hugging leg revealing short skirts and low cut cleavage  popping tops, skin tight secretary pencil skirts and sexy club wear dresses.   Lots of upskirt shots showing our bright silky panties along with pantyhose and thigh high stockings.  On my site, we love to dress to impress.    I personally have a major shoe fetish and almost all my clips include gorgeous show stopping high heel stilettos or skin tight knee high stiletto boots.    sighhhhhhhhhh.   Sometimes my girlfriends can't resist tieing up my curvy body and in some clips it is me gagging and binding them.  I like to switch it up here at MILF GiGi and you are sure to find all types of damsels in distress as well as some playful fun consensual bondage.   Male villians also play a major role in lots of my clips - from the classic bad guy gets the girl and ties her up to the wild rough struggling take down.   And of course in many clips the end result is multiple forced orgasms  :)))   

And for those who like to see me in a more aggressive role, check out the Italian Momma series.  Here I abuse and torture the sultry slutty women who try to win over my son Carmine.    None of these bitches is ever going to be good enough for my son!!!!!   You'll see each and every one of them suffer the wrath of this hot blooded over protective Italian momma!!!! 

Come on in and take a look.  I am always open to suggestions and welcome all comments, ideas and critiques.   As I am known to say "life begins at the end of your comfort zone"   


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