11:35 video

Pretty blonde Whitney Morgan comes home very tipsy after a long night of partying. Whitney stumbles around and collapses on the couch. I tip toe up from behind her clamping a wet rag over face and soon she is putty in my hands. I bend her over and roping up her elbows tightly together then I bind her wrists. This rich bimbo will tell me where her safe is before I am through with her. I cleave gag her then stand her up demanding the location of the safe. Whitney knees me in the gut and I fall to my knees out of breath. She seizes the opportunity to escape through the back door and runs off into the woods. Unfortunately Whitney runs so far she gets lost and now tries desperately to find her way out of the woods. The dumb blonde knows I am on her tail and she panics giving me the chance to move in behind and clamp the wet rag over her pretty face once again. The next thing Whitney knows she's bound in a brutally tough upside down strappado against a tree with her ass exposed. She awakens with me binding her ankles together. I inform her that she will be spending the night all alone and terrified in the dark scary woods horribly bound and that she ought to be good and ready to give me the location of her safe by the time morning rolls in ...

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