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I am the powerful boss of a model agency but in my personal life I am very submissive and my mistress rules me with a firm hand. She's placed me in chastity and I am horny and miserable. When two of my models who are real life sisters find out my secret they devise a plan to blackmail me to get all my money. I'm on the phone pleading with my mistress begging her to remove the chastity device. I notice Nika Venom approaching and hang up quickly. Nika accidentally trips falling onto my lap. Nika asks me for a raise but before I get the chance to reply her sister Scarlet walks over and sits down on my lap next to Nika. Scarlet asks for a raise and I tell them to leave. After a bit I hear a knock at the door and find the Venom sisters - they strut past me informing me that my mistress sent them to teach me a lesson and demand that I get on my knees. Scarlet and Nika explain that they have the key to her chastity belt and dangle it in front of her face. T he girls laugh as they easily grab me and push me to the ground. Both girls sit down on top of me straddling my chest. They mock and taunt me then leave to get undressed. They have me bound spread eagle to bamboo poles tied down to the floor. I am terrified as the two curvy girls strut back in looking sexy and dominant. Scarlet uses her phone to video Nika as she places one high heeled foot on my heart in a victory pose. I try to hold back her agony as Nika holds up the key to my chastity belt and says to the camera "Hi guys, It's Nika here...Hash tag denial!" The sisters giggle as Nika keeps me pinned underfoot as she poses for a minute or so in sexy dominant poses snapping selfies. Scarlet says "That is SO going on Instagram...My turn!" I plead for the torment to stop but Scarlett ignores her by me switching places with Nika and placing her high heeled foot onto my chest posing for the camera like a model as she keeps her foot firmly on my chest. The girls laugh at me saying "Hash tag selfie!" before both placing a foot on my chest and taking a selfie. They strut away looking at the pictures on the phone as I pant in pain. I remain tied down on the floor shaking with desperation now with a vibrator strapped to my pussy. Nika turns on the vibrator and says if I can kiss her foot she will let me out of chastity and dangles her foot and the key above me. I try desperately to raise her head and kiss it but Scarlet stands over me and places her foot on my chest pushing me down. After a minute of Nika teasing with her foot and Scarlet keeping me pinned underfoot they look at each other and laugh. Scarlet now stands as Nika sits on my chest then both sisters lie next to me on either side. They turn off the vibrator just as I am about to cum then walk off laughing.

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