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Sexy slut Dacey Harlot just loves to play with herself teasing the hell out of men. Today she has something very evil in mind. She knows lots of kinky men love bondage games with toys like dildos and vibrators so she calls one of her male friends with her video phone and tells him to be ready for her show. She presents him her sexy body in her provocative outfit playing with herself and her panty covered pussy and teasing him. Today she has a surprise for him. She's invited his girlfriend Garnet Rose over to play with her and show her some bondage tricks. Dacey uses a blindfold to cover Garnet's eyes then ties her wrists tightly together. Garnet struggles sensuously as Dacey explains that she will give her sexy bondage and teasing all night so that Garnet won't want a man's cock anymore instead preferring Dacey's sweet hands and pussy. Garnet's man is furious and he calls me to intervene. I watch through the window as the two girls are playing some bondage games. I wait until they're both handcuffed then step inside and grab the handcuff key. I push Dacey down on the floor and tie her ankles tightly together while both girls are trying to get out of the cuffs. I do the same to Garnet. Both are moaning and complaining too much and I leave the room in search of something to gag them with. The girls seize the chance to untie the knots of their ankles and free themselves. They are determined to get revenge and as theystep through the back door my husband Jim Hunter comes from behind grabbing one girl shoving them inside. He zip ties Dacey then does the same to Garnet. Both are bitching so I stuff their mouths sealing the gag with transparent tape to keep them quiet. Jim lifts and carries each girl off to the car where they are transported to an abandoned building. Their wrists and elbows are bound tightly with rope behind their backs and their mouths are gagged with ballgags.  Jim leads them into the building and tosses their bound bodies on a mattress. We untie them and I force the girls to strip then dress them in super slutty attire. Jim leads Garnet in and ties her to a pole. As he is tying Dacey to another pole Garnet tries desperately to get up and down with her body to get free from the ropes but they are too tight. We add spreader bars to their legs and a vibrator to each of their crotch ropes then watch as our helpless prey try to get the vibrator off their sweet spot. Their efforts are futile and we bring them to multiple orgasms as they moan and drool. We make Dacey watch in horror as Jim cruelly tapes Garnet to a stool crushing her elbows tightly together and binding her legs with thick electrical tape. Dacey screams into her gag as we yank her up to her feet and shove her into a cage. The winch is cranked until the cage is lifted off the ground and the terrified Dacey sobs into her gag as it swings back and forth. We leave the dumb bimbos bound, gagged and helpless wondering and if they ever be found and rescued ....

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