13:07 video

Pretty Dacey Harlot shows up for the interview to become my magician's assistant. Dacey is over the top excited in her little miniskirt dress and high heels. As she looks around there is paraphernalia everywhere. Dacey picks up a set of thumbcuffs and asks what they are. I explain that learning to be an escape artist is part of the job and that these little toe things will hold you prisoner. She laughs and can't believe those cuffs can hold her. I tell her to take off her shoes and sit on the floor with her legs between a pole. I cuff her toes around the pole and say, "I'll give you a minute" then leave. The eager girl nervously laughs but starts to try and escape. Dacey spots the keys hanging on the wall and stretches and bends her lithe body attempting to grap them but the keys are out of reach. After a few seconds she realizes she really is trapped and begins to panic and frantically call out to me. She's trying desperately to escape and is getting scared as the minutes slowly pass. I come back in after a few minutes later and ask what's wrong. She wants out of these things and I say, "ok, I have another test in mind for you". Helpless Dacey is now chained by the waist and up the crotch with the length of chain extending and padlocked to a bolt on the floor. She is in her bra and panties and is pleading to be let go as I say "try this one my potential assistant" and walk out. Again she is left to struggle helplessly pulling at the chain and trying to get the chain off her waist. Although she has no other restraints on except the chain, the length of chain is only long enough to keep her from standing up straight. She cant stand higher than a squat position. Dacey presses her feet into the ground to use as leverage to try and break the chain and she struggles to get it off her waist. Her efforts are once again futile. I come back and she is begging to be released. I giggle and say “but I hired you as my assistant. This is all training. You’ll be fine. I have one more thing in mind.” With that Dacey cries out “nooooo!” Now the poor frustrated girl is wearing a panel gag and is sitting with her ankles and wrists locked up around a steel bar. Her toes are cuffed and Dacey is completely helpless and despite her valiant efforts to loosen the cuffs and get free, she is unable to escape.

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