11:06 video

Petite Garnet Rose lies on the floor brutally hogtied.  Her small tits are roped up in a chest hardness and her elbows are painfully fused together extremely tightly with rope.  She wears only her underwear and sweaty ankle socks.  Garnet's big toes are tied tightly together with thin twine cord.  The suffering captive is left waiting for me.  I bring out the bamboo cane and explain to my bound prey that I have a very rough bastinado punishment for her today.  I begin by warming her feet with the cane while taunting her and as I lay the cane down I inform her she has to try to escape the punishment but right now the task looks too easy.  I tape up her eyes blindfolding the pretty then force a big balllgag into her mouth strapping it tightly.  I connect the ball gag with the twine securing her toes so that she's arched very hard.  Poor Garnet rolls around struggling and moaning but of course the minutes tick away and she fails to escape.  I tell her how hard the twenty stikes to her soles will be as I remove the twine and her socks.  I force the sweaty socks into Lydia's mouth completely filling it then wrap her head with more duct tape.  I tie her toes again and give her the first blows with the cane on the bare soles of her feet.  I explain that she must endure twenty brutal blows to her feet without moving or making a sound.  I just love the element of surprise and cannot wait to begin really beating her soles with my cane.   I warn the bound helpless girl that if I see any movement or hear even the slightest noise I will start the 20 strokes all over again from the beginning.   I start with some very, very hard blows with the cane and Garnet cries out through her gag.  I laugh and begin counting the strokes over again.  I can tell Garnet feels lots of pain from the foot torture of my bamboo cane because she cries again into her gag.  I begin the countdown again and I hit her soles as hard as I can.  Poor helpless Garnet doesn't last through a half dozen strokes this time around and I can see the involuntary twitching of the nerves in he feet from enduring this brutality.  I truly enjoy her suffering and finally she is defeated ... Garnet endures twenty very excruciating blows without a movement or a sound.  I kiss her gagged mouth and leave her whimpering and I promise to return soon for round two ... 

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