14:17 video

Sales have been slow with my air bnb property so I reduced the credit requirements in an effort to get more rentals. I rent to two single girls whose credit was shaky and their check bounced. I rush over to the rental and see clothes thrown all over the floor. I grab Roxie Rae off the couch and force her to the floor. I demand that she and her blonde friend Whitney Morgan leave immediately. I grab the dumb blonde bimbo by the hair and make her pick up her dirty panties with her mouth. Whitney sneaks up behind me zapping me with a tazer and I fall flat on the floor. The two girls seize the opportunity to tie me up. I wake up with rope wrapped around my legs securing them together and my chest and arms pinned behind my back. They taunt and mock me grabbing and man handling my tits then apply clover nipple clamps leaving me screaming. Still not satisfied they humiliate me even further by pressing a strong vibrator up against my pussy. Roxie holds the vibrator while Whitney peels down her wet panties and forces them into my mouth. They wrap duct tape around my head gagging me as they continue with the forced orgasms. After they've had their fun they hogtie me leaving me struggling helplessly bound, gagged and humiliated...

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