10:43 video

I'm laying on a bed slowly waking up. There's a burning pain in my arms and my hans feel numb. I become more aware of my situation - my elbows and wrists have been tied very tightly behind me. I lethargically move around and try to sit up - carefully since every movement in m arms causes intense pain. I move to the edge of the bed and look around the strange unfamilar room. I begin to struggle trying hard to loosen the bondage and after several minutes finally the ropes around my ankles come loose and I manage to get my feet free. I slowly maneuver myself off the bed still a bit wobbly on my feet and wander around the house calling out for help. The fog clears in my head and I remember my best friend inviting me over and confronting me about sleeping with her man. That bitch must've given me something to drink and took advantage of the situation by tying me up. I get to the front door and try desperately to get the lock open but my gloves and numb fingers inhibit the movement of my hands and no amount of fumbling with the door knob gets the door open. I kick at the door and stomp my feet in utter frustration and I turn around to search the rest of the house. I moan in pain and exhaustion and grow weaker as the realization sets in - no one can hear me! I wonder how much longer I can last with this intense arm bondage. Finally I drop to my knees and hang my head in misery, pain and fear and cry my heart out knowing I can't escape and no one will find me.

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