Step mother Nyxon and her stepson are traveling to visit their step-father out on business but the flight was cancelled and they are stuck in the hotel. Stepmom Nyxon wants to use this time together with her stepson to spend quality time together. Nyxon climbs onto the bed and takes off her shoes showing her socked feet. She asks him if he wants to do something together. He asks his stepmom what she'd like to do. Nyxon opens her bag to look for a board game bu realizes she's taken the wrong bag - this is the bag with her husband's tools in it. The raven hair MILF apologizes to her stepson but in the meantime she gets an idea ... she pulls out some thick black electrical tape and very sweetly asks her stepson if he wants to play a new game where the stepson can tie his stepmother at his will. He accepts and Nyxon is happy to make him happy. He tapes Nyxon's arms behind her back and fuses her wrists together. Her torso, thighs, knees, shins and crossed ankles are bound with tape. Nyxon wiggles and struggles, gently lowering herself into the part of the naive damsel in distress. She moves her socked feet in a sensual way and in a sweet tone tells her stepson that if he doesn't hurry to gag her she will start asking for help. She encourages him to begin. He grabs a clean sock and stuffs it in her mouth before wrapping her face with the electrical tape. He surprises her with a blindfold to help prevent her from escaping. Now he has her all taped up in bondage and she wiggles gently making sweet and sensual moans ... after a while the game is over and Nyxon takes off the gag and blindfold saying softly to her stepson that they will play again soon.

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