I just finished dressing for an erotic sex party given by a new guy in the neighborhood. I'm wearing my sexiest dress with easy access to all my girl parts. I talk to myself about who I expect to see at the party and what man I will seduce. Will it be the buff young stud new to the hood or my old lover who is too old to satisfy me. I open the door to leave but standing in my way is a big burly man who grabs me by the neck and jacks me up against the wall. I can't make any sounds as I kick violently and struggle for air but slowly my eyes start to roll back in my head and I go limp in a pile on the floor. My assailant Jim Hunter drags me to the sofa where he fondles my limp body. I slowly wake up and begin to struggle to get away from him. I open my mouth to scream for help but he coveres my mouth and nose with his hands smothering me. The bald brute whips out some rope and begins to tie me up. He binds my wrists together behind me back then cleave gags me. He moves down to my ankles tying them tightly together. Then he ropes up my knees and finally cranks my elbows together cinching them brutally. I cry through my gag but he has no mercy. He laughs as he wraps rope around me asking me if I know what a goat rope is. He attaches the rope to my bound ankles and immediately I am gasping for breath. I plead softly through my gag as the man is finishing my bondage. He asks if I liked his special party and walks off. 

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