I lure new secretary Chloe Kennedy into the warehouse on the pretext of showing her how to take inventory. My real plan is to punish the sexy secretary who has been showing off around with management trying to move up and take over my job as head executive secretary. Chloe is unsuspecting as I tell her to take a look around. I pull the soaked rag out of my bra and grab the poor girl from behind covering her mouth and nose with the rag. Chloe tries to fight back but the fumes work quickly, her legs get weak and her eyes roll back in her head as I lower her to the floor. The young girl tries to fight off the effects but it is useless as everything goes black. She awakens later still in the old warehouse but on her knees. A old torn rag has been pulled between her teeth and tied around the back of her head to keep her quiet. Chloe can feel the ropes biting into her wrists and elbows, the thin satin sleeves of her blouse offer her arms scant protection from the tightly tied ropes. Her elbows are lashed tightly together and her bound wrists are attached to a chain hanging down from an overhead pulley, pulling her arms up high behind her back. Her legs are bent under her with her ankles tightly bound to her thighs. Chloe moans and cries into her gag as she struggles to recover from the fumes still clouding her brain. When she sees me walk in Chloe curses into her gag as I laugh at her rival secretary. I tell the helpless girl that she needs to learn the ropes around here .. she needs to start at the bottom and work herself up. I call for Max the janitor and tell poor Chloe that today is her first day of training. Max walks in wearing his coveralls and Chloe's big blue eyes widen as she watches him sit on a stool in front of her and pull his cock out. I remove Chloe's gag and order her to start sucking his cock. Chloe resists but I grab her head and force her warm mouth over Max's big cock. I hold Chloe's head down forcing her to swallow it to the balls then Max takes over. He face fucks poor Chloe, slapping her face each time she pulls back to catch a breath. I help out by placing my knee in Chloe's back and pushing her into Max's cock. Chloe is helpless to resist and realizes that the only hope she has is to cooperate so she begins to eagerly suck his cock. I am want to show the dumb bimbo I am always in charge .. now Chloe feels the heel of my shoe pressed between her shoulder blades and my shoe on the back of her head. Chloe coughs and gags on the cock as is is jammed deep down her throat forcing her to breath through her nose. The janitor and I continue to humiliate and taunt poor Chloe until she feels Max's cock begin to throb - he jams it deep in her throat and shoots his hot load down her throat. He withdraws but before Chloe can spit out his cum I grab her mouth, clamp her mouth shut and seal it shut with my hand. Chloe is forced to swallow every last drop as Max slaps her in the face with his cock before zipping up his coveralls. I grab the gag and pull it between her lips and tie it behind Chloe's head. I tell the poor helpless girl that this is only the beginning ...

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