My partner in crime and I are always on the lookout for nine to five neighborhoods where there's rarely a sole around during the day. Today is no different.  We cruise around and stumble upon a long leggy blonde young thing standing against her car eyeing her completely flat tire.  We smile at each other as we approach the 19 year old dumb bimbo.  We chit chat as we offer to help her and find out she is from out of state and knows no one in the area.  I tell her we have an air compressor in our car trunk and she is eager to help me get it and bring it to her car.  Big mistake trusting us ... my partner Fire grabs her and puts her in a rough choke hold as I stuff her mouth with a large rag. She is shocked and begins to struggle as I wrap elastic around and around her pretty little head to muffle her sounds.  I add many layers of duct tape making the gag extremely effective.  We lay her young ripe body on the ground and begin to double team her with rope.  Mary sobs through the gag and the poor thing yelps as I add a brutally tight rope up through her pussy lips and deep into her ass.  We finish her off in a hogtie and taunt her about the ride she is going on.   Together we lift her up and into the trunk.  She is securely bound up in the trunk as we drive away to our destination to have some fun with her.  I open the trunk when we get there and the dumb young babe is still carrying on helplessly struggling.  We close the trunk and leave our pretty captive bound and gagged knowing she'll settle down after a few hours alone...

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