Raven haired flight attendant Nyxon has been smuggling mind altering substances for the Italian mafia on her incoming flights. After working for them for several years she decides to switch her alliance and begins to smuggle for the Mexican cartel. The pay is higher and life is good. Nyxon is arrogant and not at all concerned with the mafia baggage she's left behind and she finishes her latest drop for the cartel bragging about how the greasy Italians can pound salt! Little does she know I am waiting inside to ambush her. As she settles in I tip toe up behind her pressing a wet rag on her face and soon her pretty blue eyes roll back. I seize the opportunity to tie her up in a tight reverse prayer with her knees and ankles bound and she's cleave gagged. She slowly awakens and begins to struggle. I demand to know where she's dropped the goods. I know she uses various lockers in the airport terminals and I want the details of the fifty kilo load. Nyxon refuses but I quickly remind her what the mafia will do to her if she doesn't give me the location. It doesn't take long before the pretty MILF gives up the details. I add many layers of vet wrap making sure she is silenced before putting her in a tight little hogtie. I leave the dumb bimbo completely helpless wondering what her fate will be when the mafia thugs show up ...

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