I lure young college student Scarlet Venom to my lab under the premise of giving her an internship which will pave the way for her entry into med school. Scarlet is a naive bimbo who questions the odd remote location and dilapidated facility wondering how this qualifies as a lab. I explain that we work with incarcerated individuals testing new drugs. The curvy beauty is now eager to lie on the table to feel what the test subjects feel like. I explain that the restraints are necessary to calm the anxiety that some patients have.  Scarlet agrees and I use leather cuffs to restrain her arms over her head and her ankles spread apart. I rub my hands over her voluptuous body and I'm eager to begin. I remove her sneakers inhaling the strong aroma of foot sweat. I'm in heaven. Scarlet begins to get uncomfortable when I peel off her socks and sniff her bare foot. I tell her I'm tired of hearing her whine and I shove a ballgag into her mouth. Now I can get to what I really want. I lick and suck the soles of her beautiful feet pressing my mouth down and slobbering all over both of her gorgeous feet. I open my mouth as wide as I can and manage to get the top of her foot into my mouth. I moan in delight as the buxom blonde struggles in vain. There's no way she can get away from my mouth as I drool all over her amazing feet getting them nice and wet. When I've had enough I leave my captive on my table telling the helpless thing that I'll soon return for more forced foot worship.

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