Sexy blonde Reagan Lush and voluptuous bombshell Carissa Montgomery have just entered Reagan’s home after a super hot lesbian date night. As they enter they discuss how they couldn’t wait to get back home to be together. They start kissing and making out. Carissa is a little aggressive which turns-on Reagan. Reagan shyly reveals her fantasy about wanting to be dominated and helpless in bondage and be erotically tortured by a gorgeous woman. Carissa thinks that’s a hot idea and she begins to restrain Reagan’s hands and starts to fondle her in a dominant way. She says how she loves the idea of restraining and erotically torturing beautiful women like Reagan as she pulls off Reagan’s slinky dress and uses it to restrain her hands behind Reagan's back as Carissa controls her. Carissa especially likes teasing her woman by sensually torturing her nipples. Reagan moan with pleasure. Reagan, now turned on, tells Carissa how hot this is making her... she wants to show her a secret… tells Carissa to come with her ... They enter Reagan's private torture chamber as she explains how she loves bringing her dates inside here so they can tie her up and erotically torture her on the various equipment. They decide on the standing rack as Carissa pushes Reagan up against it and starts kissing and fondling her telling her how fun it’s going to be to torture her on this device. Reagan is now tied up and spread eagled on the standing rack… playfully struggling and saying how helpless she is, how she’s at the mercy of her evil date’s desires to torture her. Carissa begins to sensually twist, pull and kiss/suck Reagan’s nipples, driving her crazy. The sensual torture and taunting goes on for a bit. Carissa uses a flogger of Reagan's bound body and Reagan gasps and moans in ecstacy. Carissa moves down to Reagan’s pussy and tells Reagan that her pussy needs some torture too as she starts teasing and slapping Reagan’s pussy Reagan gets close to an orgasm ... but not just yet. Carissa uses the hitachi and finally finds Reagan’s pussy - edge-torturing her and cruelly withholding an orgasm a couple of times then finally forces Reagan to a big orgasm. Both beauties are anxious to try another device and Reagan describes the torture rack and that suggests Carissa could be a cruel Interrogator torturing Reagan to find out some secret. Reagan is stretched out on the table rack. Carissa is standing at the side of the rack and tells Reagan the game is that you’re a spy who won’t tell whom she is working for. So I’ll just have to torture it out of yo and I know your weakness is sexual torture. The erotic interrogation torture continues. Carissa fondles and gropes Reagan's body then puts nipple clamps on her erotically torturing her and making cum. Carissa now has Reagan bound belly up with her legs spread wide. She taunts Reagan with her strap-on cock telling Reagan this form of torture will certainly break her and get her to tell her what she wants to know and give Reagan an unforgettable mind blowing orgasm. Carissa plunges her cock into Reagan's pussy and fucks her slowly at first until she is in full force penetration. Reagan's legs beginn to quiver as her orgasm builds and she screams loudly as she cums over and over. Next she ties Reagan to a pole ass up for some doggy style fucking. Carissa taunts her at how much fun this is going to be and Reagan still turned on but weakened is ready. Carissa begins fucking her from behind and as she picks up speed and thrust she grabs Reagan’s hair and pulls her head back for some hot pussy torture. Reagan again cums in a big strap-on forced orgasm. Both lesbians now spent and exhausted go back to the couch for some kissing and cuddling. Reagan thanks Carissa for such a delightful and hot adventure and both agree they can’t wait for their next date.





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