Arrogant femdom Nyxon laughs as she unties herself and hands me back the ropes from which she just escaped. She tells me my rope work isn't brutal enough to keep her bound. Then she winks and says she has a trick. She pulls a scissor out of her thigh high stiletto boots. I accuse her of cheating and wager a bet with her on another escape attempt without cheating. We shake and I instruct her to get naked. Nyxon balks but she wants the money we bet so she reluctantly removes all her clothing. She tells me to add a crotch rope so that she can have some fun for the short time she will be tied. This time I tie her as tight as I can. I place her in a hogtie and Nyxon begins to struggle to free herself. I inform her I have to add one more rope and I put the bitch into a goat rope and at first she is unaware that the rope around her neck will be her demise. The green eyed beauty tests my rope work and tells me that it is not good because she can easily reach the knot for the hogtie. I force a big ballgag into her mouth and tell her the bet is on! It doesn't take Nyxon long to untie the hogtie and she finally recognizes the trap I set with the goat rope when she starts choking herself. I watch and wait for her to give up before she chokes out. At the last minute I reattach her into the hogtie so that she can once again breathe. I leave her bound, gagged and helplessly struggling while off I go to get all of our friends to witness her humiliation.

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