Curvy Carmen Valentina is a championship equestrian rider who is destined to win the top prize at the meet. My step daughter is the closest competitor and Carmen's rival. I am determined to get rid of Carmen ensuring the top prize will go to my step daughter. I decide to grab Carmen to help her step-daughter win the riding competition. I force Carmen to put her hands up and I march her into the bedroom. Carmen demands that I let her go so she doesn’t miss the big riding competition. I inform her the riding competition is the whole reason I've grabbed poor Carmen. I order Carmen to take off her hat and shirt so the rich men about to bid on her will be able to see her best assets. I have Carmen turn around and I tie her hands tightly behind her back then stuff Carmen’s mouth with cloth and I take off the bandana and tie it into Carmen’s mouth to hold in the stuffing. I put Carmen’s hat back on her head and get her on the bed. I now finish tying Carmen’s booted ankles. I take some photos of Carmen that she’ll be sending to the various buyers who will bid on her. I make Carmen get off the bed so she can turn around and show off her lovely backside in the super tight pants. I push Carmen back onto the bed and leave Carmen struggling helplessly. Carmen notices a nail file on a nearby nightstand and she hops to the table and gets the nail file. She has her back to the mirror and is twisting her head to try and see the ropes on her wrists as she tries to get them loose with the nail file. I come back before she can get loose and tell her it looks like Carmen is going to fetch more than a million dollars. Carmen is furious and frightened but there’s nothing she can do. I decide to get her even more securely bound and gagged. I take another bandana and tie it over Carmen’s already well-gagged mouth. I finish Carmen off in a hogtie and leave. Carmen struggles desperately but can’t get loose. I return when the bidding is finally finished and now it’s time to take Carmen to the airport so she can be flown overseas to her new owner. I take Carmen out of the hogtie and hop her out of the room ...

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