I begin by introducing myself  "I was an agent in the field for 10 years and have been captured and tortured on many occasions. My job was to infiltrate slavery rings and to investigate senior politicians who were involved and as you can imagine I was often a target.  Since I've retired my role now is to teach agents to bind a female captives.  A senior secret service director Jim Hunter wished to see me and he requested that he be allowed to evaluate my teaching methods. He enters and begins tying me with wire - first wrists crossed and cinched, wire above and below my tits fastening my arms to my sides at the elbow and my wrists are tied to wire around my waist to further restrict my mobility. He crosses my ankles and wraps them in wire moving up to my legs binding them at the calf, below and above my knees and lastly my thighs. The tie allows me to slowly move around and follow orders.  I critique his skills as he ties me and I can tell this annoys him.  He adds a blindfold. I struggle slowly and methodically and being highly trained there is no panic. Jim places my phone at the opposite side of the room. It rings and I struggle across the room to my phone but am unable to retrieve it and dial for help. He considers this a fail and cleave gags me deciding to leave me hostage for a day or two. I wriggle blindfolded and gagged - helplessly bound with wire wondering how long I will suffer ...

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