The newest MaryK makeup sales woman Nyxon is desperately trying to land a sale and she is super obnoxious and pushy. The raven haired beauty just won't take no for an answer. While she's trying the makeup on me, Nyxon is too dumb to realize she's insulting my looks with every item she whips out of her box! I decide to teach the bimbo a lesson so I tell her I will buy the entire collection for two grand. She gushes with joy and I can see her mind busy calculating her commission and envisioning herself driving that pink caddy.  I tell her before we finalize the sale I need to learn to apply the makeup myself and she offers to sit on her hands and watch. I convince her it would be better if I tied her hands and feet so she's not tempted to help me. She's dreaming of the pink caddy so she agrees. Once she's tied I let her know how pissed off I am about the insults. I toss a pile of rope on her lap and unbutton her satin blouse exposing her big tits then reveal to Nyxon that I am a senior executive and MaryK and that she's invading my sales territory and that it will be me winning the grand prize. I add a tight chest harness and a crotch rope and the dumb ass is still trying to sell me! I push her onto the ground and put her into a tight hogtie. Nyxon screams and begs and I can't stand to hear one more word so I force a ballgag into her big mouth gagging her into silence. I walk off leaving the pushy thing struggling helplessly on the floor wishing she never knocked on my door!

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