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Diana Prince, alter ego of Wonder Woman, walks down a deserted alley in her street clothes. Several women have been attacked in the area, so she’s acting as bait to draw out the predator. Her plan works, as a thug leaps out behind her and presses a blade into her back. He orders her not to make any noise and to come with him. Diana smirks confidently but then feigns terror as she plays the helpless victim and lets him lead her into an abandoned building. He tells her to strip; Diana moves as if to comply but suddenly spins and kicks the blade out of the thug’s hand much to his surprise. “You picked the wrong victim today!” Diana taunts. Expecting the thug to back off at the first sign of resistance she’s caught off guard when he lunges forward to grab her by the throat with his right hand and buries several lefts into her midsection. He then wraps both hands around her throat and pins her against the wall lifting her entirely off the ground. Diana flails away at the arms slowly draining her strength but without her powers she’s too weak to break his grip. Once Diana’s struggles slow down, the thug begins roughly disrobing her peeling off one article of clothing after another as Diana futilely tries to push him away and break free so she can transform into Wonder Woman but to no avail. As the last of her underwear comes off, she begins sobbing as the consequences of her mistake start to sink in. “Please, no, this can’t be happening!” she cries, in disbelief that her plan backfired so horribly. The thug pushes Diana down to her knees and roughly facefucks her as she pounds at him with her fists with no effect. The thug picks Diana up and tosses her onto a mattress in the corner. She tries to crawl away but he mounts her from behind as she wails and pleads. He then flips her over and fucks her missionary style easily catching her blows each time she tries to slap him off. He finishes inside her and tells Diana she should start taking Tae Bo to learn to defend herself. He walks off laughing leaving Diana to weep and vow revenge. The thug has led a new female victim, a cougar wearing business attire, into the abandoned building and has me backed against the wall. He rips my blouse open and begins to fondle my tits as I scream for help - too terrified to fight back. The vile thug begins unzipping his pants until a voice orders him to stop. The thug turns to see Wonder Woman glaring at him. “Wonder Woman! I’m saved!” I exclaim as the thug turns to face the heroine. “You’re still just a woman,” he sneers. “I’ll fuck you into submission like every other cunt!” He throws a punch, but Wonder Woman easily catches it and squeezes, sending the thug to his knees in pain. He quickly submits and agrees to come peacefully. “Not so tough when your victim can fight back are you?” taunts the heroine. She releases his hand and reaches for her lasso but the devious criminal suddenly hits her with a low blow. She doubles over in pain and grabs her pussy giving the thug an opening to grab her lasso and quickly bind WW’s wrists before she has a chance to react. With the thug holding the lasso the heroine now has no choice but to obey his commands, the first of which is to get on her knees and blow him. Tears well up in Wonder Woman’s eyes as she is made to suck him off again while I sob that it’s not fair. He orders me to to crawl over and remove Wonder Woman’s costume or he’ll hurt them both; I comply while crying and apologizing to my would-be rescuer who continues dutifully sucking cock as she’s stripped. Once WW is nude the thug recognizes her amazing tits. “Didn’t I just fuck you yesterday?” he asks her laughing. Wonder Woman tearfully nods yes and I gasp at the news that this ruffian has now defeated the champion of women twice! Still holding the lasso he orders me to start recording with my phone then makes Wonder Woman place her hands on the wall and fucks her police style taunting the bawling heroine over her failure being broadcast on the internet. The frightened Wonder Woman shudders shaking pitifully as her urine streams down her legs. He pulls Wonder Woman over to the mattress and makes her straddle him so he can fuck her cowgirl and play with her tits. As she rides him WW manages to slip free of her bonds and immediately starts attacking him but her super strength is gone after being bound by a man so her blows are as ineffectual. He grabs Wonder Woman by the throat and holds her down making me get a closeup shot of Wonder Woman’s crying face as he blows his load in her.  He makes me reach into her failed champion’s oozing snatch and smear some of his semen over the super heroine’s face. The business woman shoves a ballgag in her mouth then binds her elbows together. She pushes WW face down and puts her in a hogtie. I leave the helpless heroine defeated ...


Diana Prince & Wonder Woman played by Slyyy

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