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Lesbian lovers Macy Cartel and Sarah Brooke break into a museum they toured earlier in the day. It’s after hours and they both thought it would be fun to sneak in and play with the equipment. Sarah and Maci walk into the abandoned museum. They are on a date. Sarah tells Macy how she has always fantasized about being held captive and erotically tormmented by another woman and that the thought of Macy tied up naked here makes her wet. The girls look around the chamber They walk around slowly, looking at the various t0rture devices. First they look at the restraints hanging from the overhead winch and they talk about what it must have been like during the inquisition to be naked and scared chained naked with their arms stretched wide above their head. Macy stands under the winch and raises her arms above her head. She says to Sarah “imagine I’m chained naked and helpless with my arms stretched high above me head. How would you torment me Sarah?”. Macy is naked and tied spread eagle to the winch. She describes how she loves to have her hands chained above her head and then stretched until she is standing on her tiptoes. She tells Sarah she then wants her to blindfold her and erotically tease her from head to toe. Sarah walks over to her and gently strokes her body with her fingernails. Macy shutters and moans at Sarah’s touch. Sarah blindfolds Macy and proceeds with the erotic torment. Sarah starts out teasing/tickling with her nails. She lightly tickles her nipples, armpits, tummy and pussy. Then Sara switches to a silk scarf rubbing it over her nipples and over her pussy. After a couple of minutes with the scarf Sarah switches to ice cubes. She starts at one wrist and slowly runs it down her arm into her armpit, then across her nipple, and down to her tummy. She repeats this with the other wrist, arm, armpit and nipple. Then Sarah licks her armpits and nipples with her tongue. Sarah pulls out the vibrator and vibes Macy while licking her nipples and armpits. A panting Macy cums hard and hangs by her wrists a sweaty mess. Macy then says “please take me down and I will put you on the rack. I want to stretch you tight and tease you. Sarah tells Macy she wants her to stretch her out tight and slowly tickle t0rture her. Sarah undresses and lays down on the rack and Macy secures her wrists and ankles. Sara is now loosely tied spread-eagle to the rack. Macy moves to the head of the rack, leans over and asks Sarah what game she wants to play. Sarah tells her she wants to be the sexy spy and that she is going to be tormented for information, but it will be pleasure. Sarah tells her she wants her to interrogate her by bringing her to the edge of cumming but not letting her cum until she tells her who she works for. Macy begins the interrogation by slowly turning the crank and stretching Sarah out tight. Sarah moans and arches her back as she is being stretched. Macy blindfolds Sara. The interrogation involves her taunting Sarah, telling her how she will torment her all night until she talks. Sarah breathes heavily, moans and tells her how she will never talk. Sarah finally breaks and tells Macy what she wants to know. Macy vibes Sarah to an orgasm. Sarah is a sweaty wreck. Macy removes Sara’s blindfold. Sarah looks at her with bedroom eyes and tells her how much she loved it.

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