Young Garnet Rose is discussing her interest in bondage with her aunt Carissa Dumond. Carissa is receptive and admits she's been tied up by a boyfriend in the past. Garnet tells her aunt about a girl she knows that was naked and tied brutally tight by an intruder. She confesses that this intrigues her since it's always been her fantasy. Before leaving Garnet to house sit for the weekend Carissa warns her not to engage in this bondage fantasy with her boyfriend until Carissa returns and they talk. Garnet answers a knock at the door and the next thing Lexi knows she's been stripped of all her clothing and left wriggling helplessly on the floor in a very severe hogtie. Garnet is still struggling with Carissa returns. Carissa assums Garnet convinced her boyfriend to tie her up. She bends back down over her and cuts her gag off taking out her panties. Garnet insists that a female burglar tied her up. She recollects the scene ... she answered the door and I barged my way inside grabbing her with my hand clamps tightly over her mouth. I explain that I'm just here to rob the place and Garnet excitedly informs me she's always wanted to be tied up by a burglar. Garnet playfully strips and is eager to play the bound damsel. I have her gag herself with her panties and wrap her pretty face with clear tape. The next thing she knows she's brutally bound = elbows crushed behind her back, legs bound in a lotus position for a tight balltie. Garnet struggles on the floor enjoying her plight. She tries to move a little but the rope is extremely tight and Garnet can barely move at all. I go off to look for some jewels and return annoyed that I haven't found anything valuable. I ungag her and demand to know where her aunt Carissa keeps the cash and hop Garnet over the sofa for a spanking. Finally and reluctantly Garnet tells me where to find the goods. They’re back sitting in the kitchen and the niece has finished her story. Aunt Carissa doesn't believe a word of it and Garnet storms off! Carissa is now sitting on the soa going over some papers. She hears a noise. She goes to investigate. I suddenly appear behind her hand clamping my hand over the startled woman’s mouth. I make her strip off her clothing and I tightly tie her up. Carissa struggles helplessly in the tight bondage but she's too well bound to do much. She notices her phone and maneuvers her bound body off the couch and onto the floor inching her way to the phone. When it is just about in her reach I return and pull her to her feet. I demand to know where she keeps her valuables and I whip out a vibrator pressing it up against her pussy. I have ways to make you talk ... Carissa ends up gagged with her panties and lots of clear tape wrapped around her head. She's been very tightly hogtied when she hears knocking at the door. Carissa reacts to the knocking and grunts to be heard and struggles violently but it’s no use. Garnet enters as her aunt makes a lot of noise demanding to be untied. She walks closer to her laughing at and taunting her aunt. Finally, the niece decides to untie her well tied aunt and bends down to start the job but suddenly there’s a voice from behind her. I've retuned to find I've got two of them to deal with. The niece begins to quickly takeoff her clothes. They aunt groans but the niece says – I think this is fun! I tell Garnet to put the panties in her mouth and put her hands behind your back. I bind her hands behind her back then tie a crotch rope on her! Now both women have been hogtied and are pulled into strict arches. They begin to manipulate their crotch ropes. They each have to find the crotch ropes and then begin to explore pulling them before they get carried away by the movement. Finally, the women both have loud and tremendous orgasms. The two women are now left nude and helplessly bound and gagged. They try to roll over to help each other but it’s impossible. They grunt and groan and call for help but it‘s impossible to escape ...

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