36:04 video

Beautiful Asian spy Nyssa Nevers thought things couldn't get any worse after she collapses into the dirt. The next thing she knows shtied up to a tree in her tiny micro bikini. The sweltering hot sun beats down on her bound body and the sweat runs down her voluptuous body. This is one stubborn spy and I am determined to break her. I wake her by throwing dirty pond water on her then I whip her mercilessly with the flogger. I grab her throat demanding to know who sent her and what she is looking for but Nyssa still refuses to answer me. I whip her tits and she screams in agony. I place the tens unit pads on her tits informing her we will now have some super fun electrical play. Nyssa's tits bounce and flex from the electric current. I continue the interrogation but this Asian bitch won't give up anything. I add nipple suckers cranking them until her nipples grow to twice their size then press a vibrator up against her pussy until she's panting. Still the bound spy refuses to tell me who sent her. Her chest heaves as she gasps for breath. I remove everything from her tits and t0rture them with my hands squeezing, pulling and twisting her nipples as she sobs and curses me. I slap them hard and dig my long fingernails into her soft flesh. I add electric nipple clamps and finally the spy gives up her first name. She still refuses to tell me anything more so I jack up the current and laugh as her tits convulse. I whip her with my crop until she' no longer moving much then change her bondage position securing her to the tree with her hands above her head and now totally naked. The tens unit pads are back on her tits and she' cleave gagged as I start interrogating her again. She's still stubborn and refusing to provide me with any useful information. Clearly she's been trained well but I have more tricks up my sleeve. I manually manipulate her tits again and she is now sobbing. I pull out my bottle of honey and pour it all over her bound body laughing at her as I bite and suck her nipples. I add even more honey and Nyssa's eyes widen in fear. She struggles to untie herself and put on her bikini. As the bees swarm her honey coated body Nyssa runs off in the woods ...
note: The part about the bees actually happened during the filming of this custom ...poor Nyssa actually got swarmed and stung by bees who were attracted to her honey covered bound body 



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