25:16 video

I'm talking to a criminal friend who has helped me out of some tough spots before. I tell my friend I need his help making someone disappear – forever. An accountant at my office has discovered someone’s been embezzling a lot of money from the company and what he doesn't know is that I am the embezzler! I'm his immediate superior so I've tricked him into meeting at my house. He has no idea he’s being lured to his doom. When Bob de DC Kevin Wang arrives I thank him for bringing this to my attention and we go over the embezzling file he's put together. Bob says he’s followed my instructions to the letter about keeping it between only the two of us. Bob assures me that no one else knows about the embezzling he discovered. While we look at some papers I ask him if he’d like a drink as well. Bob drinks his soda then after a minute or so he complains of feeling light headed and drowsy. … once he is good and drowy I pull out my ropes and begin tying him up tightly. Bob’s tied hands are also tied to the chair and there are lots of ropes binding his upper body to the back of the chair and there are ropes securing him to the seat of the chair. Lots of ropes around his thighs, calves and ankles. It’s a ton of rope that he’s secured with. Bob finally awakens and tries to move realizing he’s completely secured to the chair with so much rope. He tries to test the ropes and realizes every part of his body is tied tightly. Just as he opens his mouth to call out for help, I stuff a bandana into his mouth then take a bandana and ties it in a tight cleave gag to hold in all the stuffing. I tie another bandana in his mouth to secure the stuffing even more. I explain that I've been stealing from the company for years and now he unknowingly has sealed his own fate by being the good employee. I say that as an accountant, Bob surely can understand what “a liability” means, and that he’s become a liability who must be removed. I say I have a van – plenty big enough in the back for a bound and gagged victim. Helpless Bob tries to scream in terror hearing this but the gags hold firm and he can only make faint sounds. His eyes get big and he does a lot of mmmppphhing, trying to talk me out of my evil plan. I then take another bandana and tie it over his face in a wide band that covers his entire lower face from just under the nose to covering his chin. I leave him to struggle hopelessly in the chair. Finally I remove the massive gags and finally being able to speak for the first time since his ordeal started makes his pitch for his life. I untie his legs and gag him again then throw his jacket over his shoulders and hop my prey out the door ...

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