17:48 video

Gorgeous Carmen Valentina is a business woman who has stored some important documents as her home for safe-keeping so they can’t be stolen from the office. A rival company has a spy in Carmen’s office who tips them off to the documents being at her house. The rival company sends me to go to Carmen's house to find and steal the documents and I'm there at a time she’s supposed to be at work. But she comes home unexpectedly. I'm on my phone talking to my boss and telling him that I just found the documents and I'm getting ready to leave Ms. Valentina’s house. Just then Jim I hear a noise. It’s Carmen coming home earlier than expected. I hide and watch Carmen come into the bedroom. She says she’s looking forward to relaxing and taking a nice hot bath and she begins to undress sitting on the bed removing her heels then strips down to her sexy lingerie. Carmen hears a noise and turns around as I jump out of my hiding place and grab her and put a hand over her mouth to muffle her screaming. Carmen struggles but can’t get loose. She tells me she doesn’t have a lot of money at the house but there is some cash in her purse and credit cards and some jewelry in a dresser in another room. Carmen is shocked when I tell her I've already got what I came for - the files. I say that since Carmen came home unexpectedly I've got to get her tied up while I talk to bosses and figures out what to do with the beautiful executive. Now she is sitting on the bed well tied with rope — her hands are tied behind her back, there is rope around her arms pinning them tightly to her body and she has ropes around her ankles, calves and thighs. I stuff her mouth with a big wad of cloth and run a bandana through her mouth and tie it tightly behind her head to hold in the stuffing. I push her onto the bed and tell her to be a good girl and not make any trouble. Carmen struggles and rolls around on the bed doing plenty of mmmphhing but no one is around to hear her muffled cries. After some struggling, she manages to get to her feet and hop to a table and get a nail file. She goes to the mirror and uses it to see her hands and tries to use the file to sever the ropes. I return and hop her back to the bed and tie another bandana over her mouth. I say I can’t have her hopping around so I must put her into a hogtie. The curvy business woman struggles helplessly on the bed trying desperately to get free but the bondage is tight and her efforts are futile. After a while she hears a knock on the door. Carmen mmmpphhs like crazy trying to be heard but can only make faint muffled sounds … Luckily for her the friend sees her car is there, and has a spare key to the house, so he comes into the house and finds the helpless damsel ...

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