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Raven haired Luna Dawn is that fucking hot slut who turns men by her flirting and teasing. Every time she teases a man she then says she can't fuck them or blow theon because her man is close. Today she shows up at the studio desperate for quick cash. The police just arrested her man and she needa some money right now. She is dressed in skin tight blue jeans, high heels and a tight top. I offer her a challenge: A client of mine wants a clip where a girl is tied on a pole with her hands behind her back trying to free herself. If she suceeds, she can leave with 200 bucks. If not, she must do the next challenge. Convinced that she will free herself by escaping the bondage and because she needs the money so badly Luna agrees and doesn't ask about what would come next. So she lets Jim lead her to the pole and tie her wrists tightly together with rope behind her back. He also welds her elbows tightly together behind the pole which she wasn't expecting. Luna complains that it is really very tight. She tries hard to free herself in the next few minutes but the rope is too tight and she gives up sinking on her knees. Jim and I come back and free her from the rope. We handcuff her wrists behind her back and lead her out of the room. Next she's dressed with stockings, tight skirt, a blouse and high heels. Her wrists are fixed with irish cuffs and she is locked in a small standing cage. Her cries are silenced with a ball gag, so all she can do is struggle and drool. Soon we take her out of the cage sitting her on a chair. He ties her elbows together with zip ties then binds her ankles and wrists the same way. I explain that one of the men she constantly cock teases is behind all this and he is already on his way to come and get his present. I remove the gag and Luna says that she will be bitchy and not let him fuck her. I tell Jim to tie her tight tighly together so he opens her blouse and touniquet ties her big tits. I mock Luna for getting turned on by this. Next, we untie free her ankles and put her in a strappado on the chain. Helpless Luna is struggling with her already wet pussy. Jim gets a spreader bar and ties her ankles tightly to the bar so that I can easily get to her pussy with a vibrator. I spend some time pressing it directly on her sweet spot. Luna tries hard to fight her feelings but her body betrays her and she explodes in orgasm cumming over and over. Now Jim walks up to her with two paint cans and adds a tight pussy spreading crotch rope. She also gets a last gagging - I stuff her mouth with dirty panties and wrap her pretty face with clear tape. Now the two paint cans are placed on her back. Luna tries hard not to let them fall but they drop off her back swinging back and fort and the weight splits her sore pussy in two. Luna need to be taught a lessen by being treated roughly so she thinks twice about leaving men with blue balls ...

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