31:10 video

Leggy detective Terra Mizu is sneaking around an abandoned warehouse on the hunt for me - an organized crime boss. Terra tip toes up behind me and holds me up at gn point. She knows that I am dangerous so after she frisks me, in order to make sure I'm not hiding any weapons she makes to strip. I am annoyed by this but ultimately complies removing my blouse and then my skirt and shoes. Next the detective handcuffs me to a pole. She tries to interrogate me but I refuse to talk. Terra then gets her phone so she can call in the arrest but before she is able to do so one of henchmen Jim Hunter comes out of nowhere and makes Terra hang up the phone. Still cuffed to the pole I tell my henchman to make Terra strip. One Terra strips I have him tie her with her arms stretched up over her head. The henchman now uses Terra’s keys to uncuff me. I taunt Terra by telling her we are going to auction her off as a white slave on the dark web. I get a ball gag and push it into her mouth then place a thick leather slave collar on my bound captive. After tormenting Terra, I yell at my accomplice calling him an idiot and a dumb ass for letting a detective sneak in and try to capture me. The henchman is mad that his boss is being so ungrateful after being rescued so he decides to betray her. He tells me that he’s going to sell me on the black market along with the detective. The next thing I know both the detective and I are chairtied, ballgagged and we each have vibrators roped on pressing up against our pussies. Nn front of us is a video camera which is broadcasting the scene over the dark web where the auction is being held. Terra and I struggle helplessly and scream into our gags as our bodies betray us and the orgasms start ...




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