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Vincent Bellucci is very happy that I will once again lend him money. The man is once again broke. As his loan shark I've doled out lots of money in the past and he still hasn't paid it all back. He gives me a line about a new business venture but I know he will just foolishly spend it all. I tell him this time he needs to earn his money from me. At first the burly man is eager and agrees but his demeanor changes when I suggest an escape challenge where I tie him up and he will get the money when he can free himself from the bondage. Vincent finds this challenge a little odd but is soon very confident that he can free himself with no problem and so he agrees. I tell him to strip naked and toss him a black bodysuit so he can't cheat by hiding something in his clothing. Vincent reluctantly agrees, strips completely and puts the suit on. I grab rope and have him sit on the floor with his muscular arms behind his back. I tie his wrists together then tie his arms down with a chest rope. He complains that the ties a very tight ... I laugh and dangle a ballgag in front of him. Vincent says there is no way he is putting that gag into his mouth. I remind the boy that he's in no position to argue as I shove the ballgag into his mouth. He is swearing and drooling a lot then I tie his ankles and his knees together with more rope. When I'm finished I tell him that he now has 5 minutes to free himself. Helpless Vincent tries hard to untie himself, struggling and fighting in the ropes which makes him sweat and drool. When the 5 minutes are up I tightly hogtie him. I say when he manages to get free to come collect his money. I laugh and leave. Poor Vincent is lying on the floor, struggling and fighting in his ties. He rolls from side to side, trying to free himself, sweating and drooling ....


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