17:39 video

Pretty blonde Whitney Morgan is relaxing outside in her pajamas.  She comes inside and lays on the couch to watch television but decides she is tired and ready to go to bed.  As she walks through the house towards her bedroom I ambush her from behind pressing a cloth over her mouth and nose.  Whitney fights but the fume is too strong and soon she collapses on the floor.  I drag her body into a lair where she awakens with her wrists bound and attached to a chain which has her completely suspended feet off the floor.  Whitney is blindfolded and she struggles and kicks trying to free herself.  She kicks at the air but her efforts are futile.  I approach her and lift her pajama top exposing her ripe breasts.  I take some time groping and manhandling them then lower her to the floor so I can stuff her mouth with a wad of cloth. I wrap her face with thick white electrical tape then bind her ankles together to prevent more kicking at me. I hoist the girl up again lifting her off the floor again. Her slippers fall off from struggling. I punish her by whipping her until I get bored. Then grab a taser and zap her. Her suspended body shakes and spasms from the electrical jolt. I laugh and do it again. Poor Whitney is sobbing through her gag. I whip her again and watch as she flies through the air. I decide to put my captive out of her misery so I give her a huge jolt of electricity then laugh as she crumbles into a heap on the floor ...

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