Leggy Terra Mizu is a young secretary who is weirded out by her stressed out boss's requests of her. Terra is on the phone with another secretary and explains how her boss GiGi asks her to do weird things that she is uncomfortable with. Before she can explain Terra says "Oh no! She's coming". I rush in telling Terra that I need some relief before my next meeting. Terra sits uncomfortably biting her nails as I unbutton my blouse and lie on the floor with my head at Terra's feet. Terra hesitantly places both heels into my chest and presses down. I moan with pleasure and Terra decides to take advantage of the situation. We sit on the sofa and begin to stroke each other seductively. Terra unbuttons my blouse and asks if I want to play a game. I am very turned on and breathless with excitement.  Terra blindfolds me and tells me to remove her shoes and stockings as she sits back on the sofa giggling. Terra then turns the vibrator on places one heel on my upper chest and presses down hard while smiling and posing for selfies. I am now very close to orgasm and panting with anticipation but Terra turns off the vibrator then places her foot on my chest again pinning me down. She turns on the vibrator and begins grinding on me scratching my chest and pushing me down.  Terra leans back and places her foot on my face to smother me.  After a minute of playing with herself, Terra orgasms and turns the vibrator off. Terra laughs as she tickles my underarms to stop me from talking.

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