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Pretty Lexi Lane comes home from a night on the town. She can't wait to climb in bed and she begins undressing. I wait until she is down to her skimpy thong to ambush her from behind. Lexi fights but she is no match for the rag and as she crumbles to the floor I waste no time binding her elbows together cinching them tightly. I stuff panties into her mouth then wrap her pretty face with many layer of duct tape then continue adding rope putting the poor thing into a brutal chicken wing. I move to her legs binding her ankles tightly together then finish her off in a hard hogtie. Lexi helplessly cries and struggles but the bondage doesn't budge. She wonders if someone will rescue her before I return and what will happen to her. Finally I return and add a blindfold which only serves to escalate her fear. The next thing young Lexi knows she is in an abandoned building roped to the staircase. Her breast are bound torniquet style and she's gagged with thick electrical tape. Poor Lexi sobs and moans screaming into her gag as she sees me approach with a vibrator. I laugh as I begin to torment her pussy alternating between the pleasure of the vibrator and the pain of yanking her thong up into her pussy deeply and roughly. I decide to let her cum then walk off to set up her next agonizing predicament. Lexi now finds herself bound in a standing spread eagle with her nipples nooosed with thing leather cords. She's breathing heavily clearly terrified as I enable the winch to lift her off the ground so she's suspended in mid air. Her eyes are horrified as I say this is a perfect position for more pussy torment. I vibe her pussy good and hard as she moans and sobs from the pain of the suspension. Her bound body betrays her as she cums hard ... I lower the winch laughing as she collapses in a heap on the floor. Welcome to your new world my bondage slave!!!

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