25:11 video

Sexy Slyyy dresses in lingerie because she wants to be pleasured, admiring herself in the mirror in the bedroom. When she goes into the living room, her husband is about to leave to meet his buddies to watch a football game.  Slyyy,, in disbelief, asks him why he'd want to watch sports with his loser buddies when he has a hot looking wife dressed in lingerie who is ready to fuck.  Slyyy convinces him to stay by saying, they can play kinky bondage games.  She shows him some rope and he agrees to stay. She pushes him on the couch moving sexy to get him hard. She holds her wrists together in front of her but he wants to tie her hands behind her back. She hesitates but gives in and he ties her wrists behind her back tighter than she likes it.  Slyyy sits down on his cock and while they are fucking Slyyy whispers isn’t better than meeting his loser friends. This is it for him - he wants his blowjob now. So he pushes her away from his lap. Slyyy doesn’t understand this and doesn’t like to be rejected. The whole thing is about her pleasure...after all he should be thankful he can fuck her at all.  They begin to argue and Slyyy gets bitchier with every second.  He reaches behind the pillows on the couch, where he had hidden a big ballgag. Slyyy’s eyes widen in surprise saying that she already told him she doesn’t like to have things in her mouth. But he has had enough and quickly pushes the gag in her protesting mouth. When he has strapped the gag tight, he begins to fondle her roughly.  Not liking this at all, she curses him behind the gag. When his grip loosens for a moment, she runs into the bedroom closes the door and tries to keep it shut.  He pushes to open the door, while she curses on the other side but he manages to get the door open and he grabs her and brings his still defiant wife into the living room.  Next thing she knows, he is sitting on the couch watching the game while Slyyy is laying on the floor her wrists and elbows wielded together by rope as well as her ankles and knees and she is tied into a balltie with the vibrator tied between her legs buzzing away.  He put nipple clamps on her nipples.  Slyyy is moaning from the vibrations and pleading behind her big gag to let her go and when he doesn’t react she begins to get bitchy.  He decides to untie the balltie loosening the ropes around her neck and the one that is connecting the wrists and ankles. Then he brings her on her knees right in front of him.  He asks her if she wants the ballgag to be taken out. She nods her head frantically and takes it out.  She tries to convince him to untie her with some sweettalk but when she realizes that doesn’t work she becomes bitchy again. Now he takes out his cock and stuffs her protesting mouth with it.  While she desperatly tries to make him cum he takes his phone  calling one of his buddies and says he will come by for the second game of the day. Slyyy’s eyes widen in disbelief and her bitchy attitude returns. When she angrily asks if he’s serious he ignores it and pushes his cock back into her mouth. She's made to suck his cock while he face fucks her until he blows his load down her throat making her swallow his cum. When his cock leaves her mouth she tries to catch her breath and demands to be untied but he cuts her demands off by pushing the ballgag back in then lays her on the floor and grabs some rope.  Slyyy is then tied into a hogtie cursing him behind the gag. He smacks her ass and walks out leaving his helpless wife bound, gagging and struggling on the floor ... 

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