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Misty Meaner and I sit chatting about her recent breakup with her loser boyfriend who was boring in bed and never fucked to her satisfaction. She tells me she's been frustrated for quite a while. I go to get us another round of drinks and Misty walks into my bedroom looking for the bathroom. She scans the bed room looking for anything interesting. Upon careful inspection her eyes lay upon a book and the first page catches her attention. The book contains photos of women bound in compromising positions - dozens of women helplessly bound and tied. Misty’s eyes were locked to the pages. There was something stirring within her and her panties wettened. With her free hand she begins to caress her pussy. Every stroke more aggressive with each new page. I walk into the room seeing the events unfold and grab some rope from a drawer and seize Misty’s arms and begin to tie her up. She strugges against my advances but soon finds herself frog-tied with an extremely tight crotch rope. Every movement of her hips rubs the rope into her clit. I grab a vibrator and tell Misty she cannot cum without permission. Bound and helpless, Misty struggles in her bondage as I move the vibrator closer. Upon contact with her clit Misty’s body stiffens and her hips begin to sway. I begin the orgasm denial repeatedly pressing and releasing the vibrator from Misty’s pussy constantly edging her close to an orgasm but not quite there. Finally I press the wand firmly onto Misty’s crotch. Instantly her body stiffens and a huge orgasm is finally reached. Now Misty will be punished for cumming without my permission. The scene cuts to a close up shot of Misty’s exposed ass and pussy covered only by the length of tight rope over her pussy. Misty is now bound in a strappado with both legs separated by a spreader bar. A dildo is stuck to a mirror right in front of my helpless captives pretty face. Ballgagged, Misty can only mumble her protests. I show her my whip and my dick on a stick. You’ve got to learn some discipline young lady!
I begin to whip Misty's rear end leaving red marks on her ass. I untie the ball gag and push her head forward to the dildo - Misty begins to suck. Licking, swallowing and kissing the cock Misty begins to fall into being a submissive to her new mistress. I crack her firm ass and the pain surges throughout Misty’s body sending her into a frenzy! She takes in the cock harder with more veracity than before nearly choking on the dildo. I hold her head down so she's balls deep. More Spankings blur Misty’s grip with reality. There’s no doubt now she loves being treated like this! I remove the crotch rope then push my big dick into Misty's exposed pussy and begin to thrust. Heavy insertion begins with Misty still sucking the cock. In and out with rough action, Misty can’t help herself and begins to move in unison to the thrusting action of my dick on a stick. Misty shakes her hips trying to feel and savor every inch of the cock. With a final thrust, Misty explodes in a huge orgasm. I remove the dick from her dripping wet pussy and caress the spank marks on Misty’s tender ass. I regag my new submissive and kiss her on the cheek leaving her bound, gagged and wondering what will be next ...

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