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Wonder Woman surprises two female villains while they are robbing a house. WW shows up suddenly and confronts the girl in the room but doesn’t realize there’s a second villain in the house. There’s a struggle between WW and young immature villain but it’s clear that WW is way more powerful as she easily pushes the villain down several times without putting in a lot of effort. She acts in an overconfident way holding the villain down on the floor taunting her about taking her to jail.  The second villain approaches quietly and ambushes WW from behind. WW tries to put up a fight but can’t react fast enough and goes  to sleep. Despite Wonder Woman being way more powerful the villains luckily managed to knock her out and decide to tie her up and gag her to finish their burglary. When Wonder Woman wakes up, she slowly starts to struggle, realizes her situation and is shocked at what happened to her. The villains are about to wrap up but stay for a bit to taunt the superheroine and take pictures of her to prove they have defeated her which makes Wonder Woman furious. WW is shocked and protests - it’s bad enough to have been defeated, but having pictures of herself in bondage become public would be extremely humiliating. Villains show no mercy though and proceed to pose with WW in various positions, while WW continues to struggle and protest. Eventually one of the villains brings up the outrageous and completely unexpected idea to take WW’s costume off to get even better pictures! They tag team her stripping off her costume slowly as they mock her and laugh while WW violently struggles and eventually cries while her costume is being pulled down and continuously pleads for the villains to stop. As WW’s pussy is exposed, the villain’s again  break out in hysterical laughter while WW lets out a deep groan of humiliation and starts crying uncontrollably. Villains let go of WW and she desperately tries to hide, but villains grab their camera again  and proceed to pose for more pictures with WW lifting her legs up and spreading her ass.  When they tire of this, one girl sits down and the other lifts and carries WW over her lap with her ass sticking up. The  villain proceeds to spank WW’s ass as her accomplice takes a video of this humiliating situation they now have WW in. The superheroine is groaning/crying/begging while they take pictures and video of the scene,
continuously mocking and laughing at WW and trying to emphasize how bad this is “This really is Wonder Woman, crying and being spanked like a little girl!” Eventually, the villains decide they have enough and a completely broken and devastated WW down to the floor. As a final insult, they call the police to make sure WW is found by them ensuring her ultimate humiliation ...

Wonder Woman Carmen Valentina  Villains Misty Meaner and Carmen X



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